The android.R error

I had been racking my brains for god knows how long, trying to figure out this error. My android code was working out fine, when I was shocked to find that my project had somehow broken. 26 red dots, I don’t know where they came from. I did all sorts of things to my Java Build Path, and was almost about to give up when I read this Stackoverflow question. Apparantly, if you press Ctrl + Shift + O too many times (I’m not quiet sure about this, but this is what I could come up with), the ADT will try to import android.R. Which is not good, hmmkkay? It breaks everything and your project will end up with errors you have no idea about.

So next time you’re scratching your head and trying to figure out how you could screw up your project that bad in such a short time, look for import android.R somewhere. Autocomplete can be a bitch sometimes.

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Why do we like comedy?

TV sitcoms about general life strike a huge chord with me, and I’m guessing they do with a lot of people. Here I’m talking about shows like Seinfeld and Louie. When you think about it, they talk about shitty and depressing stuff that people go through. But since they show it in a comedic way, we love watching them. In my opinion, there is an inherent human need to laugh at our own troubles. Stand up comedy works in a similar way too. The more shittier the way the guy describes his life, the funnier it becomes.

At the risk of sounding Captain Obvious, I’ll end this post. Here is a reddit link which talks about a similar topic. Cheers!

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Football and time wasting

I hate it when people waste time in a footy match, and I’m surprised how less it is looked down upon. Even blocking a person if he’s about to take a quick free kick. I mean, even if it ends up blocking it, he deserves a yellow. Its such a fucking disgrace. Its like admitting that your team isn’t good enough to hold on. Seems like an admitting defeat kind of a thing. Don’t get me wring, if you’re using tactics like maintaining possession to not lost the lead, or something like that, it seems perfectly acceptable, mainly because its within the laws of the game. I saw a recent video in which the manager ran all the way from his touchline to tell the keeper to stay down. It cracked me up, but I feel sad that such incidents still happen.

This though didn’t come from any specific incident, it’s just something which I’ve observed over the years. Anyone had any similar experiences? (If you watch soccer regularly, I’m sure you would have).

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Crazy guy talks to his guitar

You lie here, old and shitty, dust settled on your curvaceous body. You weren’t always like that. Once, you were brand new, shiny as fuck. I had dreams, oh how I had those dreams. Of me dazzling those leads, caressing the fretboard like a husband caresses his wife on the wedding night. Now you just seem like a discarded mistress. What happened to those dreams?

I remember there was a time when learning how to love you was the only thing I wanted to do in life. But then, what happened? Did I get bored? Was it too much hard work for me? Why did the glamour wear out?

I guess only time will answer these questions. I haven’t given up on us yet. I still think we can work things out. I’ll change your strings so that you sound better. I’ll work less, take more time out for you. We’ll practice those chords and scales like we used to.

Oh, please don’t give up on me, my love.

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Dream Diaries Part 1

Things weren’t making much sense. Either this was a dream or the world had gone complete bonkers. I looked around, and found I was back in college. I was looking for a place to sleep. But why? Why sleep in public, at night? There was a lot of commotion around. A group of people were practicing a skit for Dram Club. I ignored them, kept walking.

The next part is a bit hazy, I don’t remember much, but I found myself at the end of a circular structure. I kept going round the structure, looking for a bed. I was having a strange deja vu. Had been in this place before … had found a place to sleep … a sort of a bed … out here in the public. Then another deja vu in this deja vu … something related to the real world. I was going somewhere in bus, and saw a KFC on the way to the place. Then, when I was coming back, I walked instead of taking the bus, determined to catch that KFC. But I kept walking and walking, never to see it. Must have walked for about 45 minutes.

Anyways, similar to the KFC story, I had remembered seeing a bed somewhere near the entry point, but as I was going round this structure, I knew I had passed that point and yet had not seen it. I kept walking anyways. Both in this story as well as the KFC story, it seemed I was refusing to acknowledge the fact that I had missed my destination. The ignorance of this fact was keeping me sane.

As I was walking, I found out I was almost crawling on my knees. People staring at me, lots of them, but I didn’t care, I desperately wanted that bed. There was a cafeteria, and as I was passing it, I saw an old friend, Rohan. Embarrassed, I kept crawling. I think he might have seen me. After a while, I was back in the same cafeteria. And there he was a gain. Again ignoring him, I walked on, and not too long after that, entered the same cafeteria again.

This time he noticed me. He stood up and looked down at me. Since I was crawling, and he was tall, I had to look up. Suddenly there were 3 people instead of 1. One on either side of him. On his right side, a girl, another one from the past. I remembered her. And on his left, a boy, whose face was blurred.

“Hey. What are you upto?” Rohan said, smiling.
“I’m looking for a place to sleep man. I saw a bed here somewhere, but I can’t find it now.”
He wasn’t saying anything, just giving me his serene but awkward smile. The guy on the left was still blurred out, I now focussed my attention the girl on the right.

“And I remember you, your name is Aakriti.” I said, not really asking or confirming.
“Yes.” She said, amused.

I turned away from their faces. With the white light in the background, there were looking like angels. I looked down, then I told them about the entire deja vu inside the deja vu story. I was talking more to myself than to them, not really caring if they were listening or not. In fact, I had a hunch at that time that they had left, but I couldn’t be sure, since I was looking down. It didn’t feel weird that the story was crazy, since the situation itself was pretty crazy, and I sort of knew that they somehow understood. Why? Because when I looked up again, they were still staring at me.

Something hit me suddenly. I looked at the girl, and said “I’m sorry, you’re not Aakriti, you’re Latika.”
“Yes, that’s right.” She said, smiling.
“And you,” I said to the guy on the left, “you’re blurred out, man. But I’m sure I don’t know you anyways.”
He didn’t say anything, but I could be certain that he was also smiling.

I took one final look up at their faces, all 3 of them, smiling, like angels.

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The Sleep Button

There is a sleep button on my keyboard. On pressing it, the screen slowly fades away. No matter how hard you try, you aren’t able to stop it. It’s like crossing the event horizon of a black hole and then trying to escape. It’s almost as if the sadistic monitor is laughing at you for making such a huge mistake. All you can do is wait for the time to pass. Staring at the black screen.

I sometimes wonder why anyone would make such a button, and put it so close to the “Esc” key. If I was them I would have put a troll face next to the button. My feeling is that the creator of the keyboard is having a good laugh whenever I press that button.

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The Spider and the Bee

Although I have become quiet the bee killer now, there was a time when I was scared to death by them. The mere sight of a bee was enough for me to shit my pants.

We had a small bee nest in our wing in my second year, and they would frequently visit my room to torture my soul. This was around the time of my mid-sems. I had a chemistry exam the next day, and I had planned on studying through the night, which was a good thing since I had completely fucked up all my other exams. I was gazing intently at my Helium Atom notes, when suddenly I saw a yellow creature fly past me, narrowly missing my nose. Flabbergasted, I immediately ran for the door. I found that the bee had taken a safe haven on my window.

Now normally, I would have called for help (which is what I should have done at that point), but I was feeling a little gutsy that day. I went for the bee with my chem register, and hit it with all my might (which wasn’t much, since I was skinny as hell). The bee fell down. I relaxed and went back to my studies.

But after a few minutes, I found another bee wizzing past me. Holy shit, could it be another one? I looked at the floor where the earlier one should have been, and that place was empty. Surely this could not be the bee’s ghost. Apparently my skinny arm had only been able to wound the bee and not kill him. The problem is, wounded bees are worse than healthy ones, as they tend to get really crazy and start flying around in wild circles, making it even more difficult to hit them. I waited for it to settle down. A few narrow misses (precisely 4) later, I was finally able to get rid of the bitch. Peace at last.

But peace was not to arrive that day. For I saw another bee on the wall. This was surely not the earlier one. Another bee had arrived to avenge the earlier bee’s death and make my life hell. I had had enough. I was such a nervous wreck by that time that I could not have expected to have another duel with a bee. I waited outside, hoping for some miracle. And a miracle indeed was to come. The cocky bee, while flying around and getting aroused by my tube light (it’s wierd the kind of things which will turn an insect on), had not realized that it was slowly straying too close to a spider web. It realized it a bit too late, and got entangled in the web. I hated spiders, but at the moment I couldn’t have been more thankful to them. I called my buddies and we sat there watching the spider eat his dinner.

At that time I realized that the actual spider was much more cooler than spiderman.

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The Feeling

Your pulse races. A feeling of unavoidable doom arises. You calm yourself down by telling yourself that soon this thought process will disappear, and rationality will prevail. Yet you carry on defying logic and continue with your insanity. Paranoia starts to creep in. Conspiracy theories plague your mind. All of this, inspite of the fact that at the back of your mind, you somehow know that all of this is bullshit. Yet the physical feeling trumps the rationality a thousand times. Your only thought at the moment is to do something to make this better. You do that thing like a madman, desperate to end the anxiety. And finally, relief strikes. It almost feels like a breath of fresh air after being under water for a long time. You relax, but knowing all the time that this rest is temporary. The feeling will return, hitting back with vengeance

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Winter fog in the air. Early morning tea. The smell of cigarette smoke, combined with that of fresh samosas. Stray dogs roaming around, expecting to be fed something. Black bulls devouring paper cups. A garment shop, a temple, a bargad ka ped. The sound of melancholy devotional songs in your ear.

It doesn’t matter what you were doing before this, you feel all right now.

MT, I’m so gonna miss you when I’m gone.

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My guitar finally arrived. My amplifier has company now.

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